Empowering and Celebrating Tomorrow’s Leaders

Founded in 2012, Blessed Birthdays is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization in Metro Detroit committed to providing no-cost birthday celebrations for local at-risk children.  With the motto, “Every birthday matters because every child matters,” Blessed Birthdays seeks to recognize and affirm the individuality of our community’s future leaders by celebrating them on their most special of days: their birthdays.  From the first party in February 2013 to now, Blessed Birthdays has celebrated the birthdays of many hundreds of children attending St. Vincent and Sarah Fisher Center’s After School Tutoring Program in the Brightmoor Neighborhood of Detroit.  All of these students are labeled “at-risk:” educationally, socio-economically, physically, and emotionally.  Each student at the center receives a party with his or her friends from the center that includes a game with prizes, decorations, napkins, and plates in his chosen theme, cupcakes to share with friends, a gift requested by the birthday child, balloons, candles, and a personalized cake in his chosen flavor for him to bring home and share with his family.

In 2016 Blessed Birthdays grew to include referrals through the Farmington Public Schools Homeless Program Coordinator for Birthday Bundles to be delivered to the schools of homeless or displaced Farmington elementary students.   Birthday Bundles are now regularly delivered to six Farmington and Farmington Hills elementary schools and one early education center.  These Birthday Bundles include a non-edible birthday treat for the child to share with her classmates as well as a bundle to take home at the end of the day that includes a personalized cake in her flavor of choice, a birthday gift chosen by her, decorations, napkins, cups, plates, candles, and balloons to be used at home for her family birthday celebration.  

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Blessed Birthdays has continued to celebrate the children in our community. Rather than hosting in-person celebrations, we are now distributing these personalized Birthday Bundles to all children at the St. Vincent and Sarah Fisher Center, as well as those for whom we receive referrals.

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